The KIC-SLA-E3W is a further expanded version of KIC-SL-E, featuring semipermeable membrane for gas exchange and a transparent window that allows the direct observation of the experiment inside it. The KIC-SLA-E3W provides an increased internal volume for the experiment accommodation maintaining the same mechanical interfaces and locking mechanism for insertion in small racks. In case the membranes are not required,containers without them can be provided.

 KIC-SLA-E3W is made of certified material with excellent mechanical and chemical structural properties. It is composed by a main body (where the electrical interface connector is placed) and a cover. The main body features the electrincal interface connector, the locking mechanism and the semipermeable membranes for gas exchange. The cover instead is composed by a metallic frame and a transparent large window allowing the observation of the internal volume without opening any cover. The KIC-SLA-E3W external and internal surfaces undergone appropriate treatment to guarantee electrical isolation and/or corrosion resistance. The KIC-SLA-E3W provides one Level of Containment (LoC) and is is provided with a standardized electrical connector that allows its use on existing facilities or equipment available on ISS. Alternative connectors can be implemented on request. In its standard configuration the KIC-SLA-E3W is fully qualified for manned missions and for many of the carriers available today.




Levels of Containment (LoC) 1
External Envelope  98x62x41 mm (LxWxH)
Internal Dimensions 85x42x37 mm  (LxWxH) – for EU accommodation
Container Mass 110 grams (standard electrical connector included)
Electrical Connector  17 contacts
Operative Temperature  -0.5 °C to +46 °C (qualified)
Crew Handling YES

In-Flight Opening 

Operations Automatic experiment execution


Additional Detailed information available on request 




QUALIFIED FOR Progress – Soyuz – Dragon – Cygnus
QUALIFIED FOR Manned Missions (ISS - Soyuz)

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